the need?....... the what if?....... the idea?.......

It begins with a thought... an idea... a question?
That is likely why you came to our site. 
Whether is is a need for Privacy, Security, Design, Shade, Enhacement... or Maintenance
We will begin to take you through the process of a solution.
We personally visit your home and evalute your site with your assistance. 
We look at objectives, constraints, existing features, distances, proportions, perspectives, grades, neighbors, maintenance... all realtive toward your needs and thoughts.

Next we talk about and show you material options and choices...due to new available technolgies of materials such as Solid Cellular Viny... ideas begin to take form that were not even considered or possible just a few short years ago.
Various design options are considered, presented and discussed from which a few are narrowed down for futher review.

We then after some behind the scenes further thought on our part .... present you with various soultions that include basic drawing layouts or sketches... with clear and specific pricing... for you to make an informed decision that provides a solution to your needs.
We also at this point will prepare a contract for your review and signature.  Of course modifications may take place at anytime prior to actual production of your project.

Your project will then proceed to engineering where everything is closely reviewed to be consistant with the objectives and planning of your project.
Often shop drawings are prepared for your review and approval.
Once put in to production and manufacturing is complete, your project will then be installed by one of our highly skilled crews or it can be delivered to your site should you wish to DIY or have your own contractor install the project.  Regadless of how it is installed we will remain a part of your project until its final conclution.

Manufacturing &
Now is the time to sit back and enjoy the benefits of your new environment.  We are confident that you will be pleased with the results.
The response from our customers is consistantly....
"It is better than I ever expected"

Our Design Process for Your Architectural Landscape in Limerick, PA